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We understand that your individuality and knowledge in Software is what makes you stand out from the crowd. As part of helping you secure your next job, we can ensure that both your CV and preparation for the interview will help you bring these qualities to the attention of your next employer

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    Software Engineer – Medical Devices

    ‘Are you making a difference to people’s lives in your current job?’

    ‘Wouldn’t it be rewarding to help patients to receive life-saving Cancer treatment?’

    ‘Are you an experienced, hands on Software Engineer?’

    ‘Well, this could be the life-saving career move you have been seeking!’

    You will be well rewarded with an excellent financial package, state of the art working environment and surrounded by a talented team of creative Software Engineers making a difference to lives

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    Your .Net Core software skills kill. Literally.

    You’ll be joining a talented team of coders tasked with killing cancer with medical technology

    One in four of us will be effected by cancer in our lifetime. Is it time to change your job in order to help these people?

    You’ll learn lots of new tricks and advanced coding techniques to improve cancer treatment effectiveness.

    Whilst this is full stack development role, if your expertise lies in just front end or infrastructure

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Our team only care about providing you with a role that excites you as well as giving you the rewards and career advancement you desire. We use our knowledge, experience and a little creativity. At ATP Technical, we promise not to throw you at the first job we come across. We have a plethora of resources at our disposal combined with nearly 50 years of experience to make your job search easy

Our influencer – Ada Lovelace

English mathematician is chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Machine Ada was the first engineer to recognise that the machine had applications beyond pure calculation, Ada then published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by such a machine. As a result, Ada is regarded as the first to recognise the full potential of a computing machine and by her actions is thought to be the first computer programmer!

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John is a very competent recruitment professional with expert knowledge in his field

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The ATP team made my career change completely painless.Thanks