Reliability Engineer

Keeping a pilot alive will be the direct result of your hard work in this role. You will be undertaking […]

Test Manager

Test Managers are the most underrated employee in the factory. You’re the last to be told of any changes, blamed […]

Specialist Systems Engineer

Systems/Requirements Engineer Systems & Requirements Engineer, rolewill involve complex electronics, mechanical, electro-mechanical and pneumatic subsystems. ยท System requirement definition and […]

Systems Engineer – Aerospace

Keeping pilots alive will be the result of your systems engineering role at this facinating aerospace company You will join […]

IRaD Engineering Design Manager

IRAD DESIGN ENGINEERING MANAGER Working with the Executive Board to develop and build highly complex Systems with your experience and […]

Procurement / Sub Contract Manager

Sub Contract Manager Responsible for the procurement of subcontracts including the management of cost, schedule and performance parameters. Develops subcontract […]

Test Technician

Equipment testing can be boring and repetitive, not this role as the company make bespoke equipment for aircraft so every […]

Commercial Contracts Supervisor

Most people hate complex commercial contracts, usually because they don’t understand them or can’t be bothered to read the details […]