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We understand that your individuality and knowledge in Engineering is what makes you stand out from the crowd. As part of helping you secure your next job, we can ensure that both your CV and preparation for the interview will help you bring these qualities to the attention of your next employer

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    Everyone hates stress except you. You love stress and look forward to working on stress all day long.

    This aerospace organisation needs your stress analysis skills to ensure their designs meet exact standards so that the lives of RAF pilots are protected when it matters.

    You have finite element analysis skills using ANSYS for structural dynamic assessment of individual parts and complete assemblies of complex devices.

    You should also be able to undertake hand calculations using your trusty Casio scientific

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    Top Gun pilots around the world will love you – You help keep them alive.

    Your systems engineering designs will create a world class escape system for them in the event that things have gone wrong.

    With a team of similarly skilled systems experts you will conduct requirements analysis and generate specifications

    You’ll prepare a wide range of complex and comprehensive technical documentation, conduct feasability studies, advanced simulations and test processes.

    Your hard work will evolve into an advanced and

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    Cancer treatment solutions are becoming more complicated and sophisticated in order to deliver more effective treatment from complex radiotherapy equipment.

    You will be managing 50 systems and software engineers via 8 team leaders to produce highly advanced design solutions, following your technical roadmap.

    The product will be high value, software driven treatment delivery machines capable of performing beyond that of previously available cancer treatment options.

    Your team’s reward will be the saving and extension of lives around the world.


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    There has never been a more critical time for hospitals around the world to have their medical devices maintained to enable them to deliver life saving treatment.

    Your background as a Field Service Engineer in Linear Accelerators or training Medical Equipment Field Service Engineers will enable this medical device manufacturer to have a fully trained and capable technical support team.

    You will author training documents. create practical & theory assessments and invigilate examinations

    Your training skills will include linear accelerators,

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Our team only care about providing you with a role that excites you as well as giving you the rewards and career advancement you desire. We use our knowledge, experience and a little creativity. At ATP Technical, we promise not to throw you at the first job we come across. We have a plethora of resources at our disposal combined with nearly 50 years of experience to make your job search easy

Our influencer – Mary Jackson

African American mathematician and aerospace engineer at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), which in 1958 was succeeded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Mary worked at Langley Research Centre in Hampton, Virginia, for most of her career. She started working with computers at the segregated West Area Computing Division. She took advanced engineering classes and, in 1958, became NASA’s first black female engineer!

After 34 years at NASA, Jackson had earned the most senior engineering title available. She realised she could not earn further promotions without becoming a supervisor. She accepted a demotion to become a manager of both the Federal Women’s Program, in the NASA Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, and of the Affirmative Action Program. In this role, she worked to influence both the hiring and promotion of women in NASA’s science, engineering, and mathematics careers.

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Shpend Ibrahimi RF & Antenna Design Engineer at Cobham Antenna Systems

John's knowledge of telecommunications business and ease of communications with his clients were crucial to understand the requirements in order to find the best possible job. His persistence paid off and I've been with the employer ever since.

George Wallace Engineer at Rapiscan

John has been managing my contract with Rapiscan for the past 11 months and he has been brilliant. He has managed my contract so well with everything provided on time.