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    Human Factors Engineer – Aerospace

    If you want to look cool and interesting down at the pub when they reopen then this is for you.

    You will be conducting complex HF studies, tests and evaluations of aircrew equipment, such as clothing, protective equipment, cockpit design and restraint systems.

    Your work will ensure that aircrew can operate safely and comfortably during normal flying operations as well as in the instance of critical emergencies and escape procedures.

    Your technical qualification in Human

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    Working with the Executive Board to develop and build highly complex Systems with your experience and passion for improving and delivering Engineering Projects. This is a new position in our clients with a clear pathway and funding for many years. Why not make this fantastic opportunity your own and progress in an amazing organisation from the MD down.

    Assess and Apply:

    Plan and direct activities of the EDO MBM IRAD Design and Technical Support Team.


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    Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), position is primarily responsible for the performance, and offer recommendations to enhance the supportability of the Client’s unique life-saving products, whilst maintaining Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR).

    Applicants will need to possess an Engineering Degree preferably in Aerospace, have a minimum of 5-years’ experience in working within an ILS role within the Aerospace industry. Confident and strong communicator be able to articulate your knowledge and influence on previous projects / programme’s. As a Logistic Support Analysis,

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    A small but very successful security equipment manufacturing company has an amazing order book, already full through to June next year!

    Working at full capacity, their factory needs a good all-round manufacturing fitter to fabricate, assemble and test their security gates, barriers and hydraulic control equipment.

    All orders are bespoke offering a wide variety of work, following schematics, assembly diagrams and test procedures


    + Fabricate precision mechanical assemblies from a variety of steel materials

    + Connect hydraulic hoses, pumps

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    STEM Educational charity – Mobile Construction Tutor

    SATRO are currently recruiting for a mobile construction tutor to expand our BTEC Level 1 Construction classes into schools across Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Middlesex and Oxfordshire. You will teach weekly sessions to 14-16 year olds in schools across all ability ranges but particularly to those seeking to re-engage in their education and gain a vocational qualification for the future. SATRO provides a fully kitted-out van with tools and materials, work term time plus

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    When you have a crap boss who doesn’t send you on that CMM training course you might sometimes feel like turning your Non Distructive Test role into a destructive one.

    You won’t feel like that working here.

    You will be ensuring that some very expensive components meet the required standard for some very special and complex pieces of machinery.

    Using your Magnetic Particle Inspection MPI and Liquid Penetrant Inspection LPI skills, you will make an important contribution to the production

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    Sub Contract Manager

    Responsible for the procurement of subcontracts including the management of cost, schedule and performance parameters. Develops subcontract specifications, work statements, and terms and conditions for the procurement of specialised materials, equipment, and/or services.

    Prepares bid packages, conducts bidders’ conferences, analyses and evaluates proposals, negotiates subcontract provisions, selects or recommends subcontractors, writes awards, and administers resulting subcontracts. Negotiates and coordinates additions, deletions, or modifications to subcontracts. Participates with contracts administration and purchasing to develop subcontract policies and procedures.

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    Top Gun fighter pilots will love you because you keep them alive.

    You will be the senior programme manager on a series of projects that develop, manufacture and deliver unique escape systems in the event that things have gone wrong on their aircraft.

    Your brilliant project plans include detailed work breakdown structures, timelines, clear objectives, a risk register, cost controls and data capture reports.

    You will have clear visibility on supplier and subcontractor performance and be in communication with cuctsomers

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    Your boss is still not giving you the full ownership of a project yet. Despite you asking them LOADS of times.

    With this role you will manage a complex product, from concept through to customer delivery. Your excellent and detailed planning / scheduling skills will ensure that each project process is completed. On time. To budget. To specification.

    You’re not perfect but your team of engineers are really talented and they like you because you invest in them with your

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Our influencer – Mary Jackson

African American mathematician and aerospace engineer at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), which in 1958 was succeeded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Mary worked at Langley Research Centre in Hampton, Virginia, for most of her career. She started working with computers at the segregated West Area Computing Division. She took advanced engineering classes and, in 1958, became NASA’s first black female engineer!

After 34 years at NASA, Jackson had earned the most senior engineering title available. She realised she could not earn further promotions without becoming a supervisor. She accepted a demotion to become a manager of both the Federal Women’s Program, in the NASA Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, and of the Affirmative Action Program. In this role, she worked to influence both the hiring and promotion of women in NASA’s science, engineering, and mathematics careers.

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Shpend Ibrahimi RF & Antenna Design Engineer at Cobham Antenna Systems

John's knowledge of telecommunications business and ease of communications with his clients were crucial to understand the requirements in order to find the best possible job. His persistence paid off and I've been with the employer ever since.

George Wallace Engineer at Rapiscan

John has been managing my contract with Rapiscan for the past 11 months and he has been brilliant. He has managed my contract so well with everything provided on time.