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We understand that your individuality and knowledge in Engineering is what makes you stand out from the crowd. As part of helping you secure your next job, we can ensure that both your CV and preparation for the interview will help you bring these qualities to the attention of your next employer

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    Aerospace Electrical Senior Programme Manager

    Top Gun fighter pilots will love you because you keep them alive.

    You will be the Senior Programme Manager on a series of projects that develop, manufacture and deliver unique escape systems in the event that things have gone wrong on their aircraft.

    Your brilliant Project plans include detailed work breakdown structures, timelines, clear objectives, a risk register, cost controls and data capture reports, no Mavericks here .

    You will have clear visibility on supplier

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    This large and well equipped Environmental Test facility undertakes a wide range of ET functions and needs your expertise to achieve a number of strategic and tactical objectives in the near and long term.

    Working with the ET Manager, you’ll promote a systems engineering approach to ensure products and services are engineered to meet customer and regulatory standards

    You’ll be improving processes, procedures and best practices across all ET activities including shock, vibration, humidity and accelerated ageing for components and

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    Security Commissioning Engineer – 6 Months Contract


    Commissioning Engineer will have the primary responsibility to safely verify the installation documentation, commission, document, handover and demonstrate the system to the project and regulatory requirements.

    Principal Responsibilities

    Ensure compliance to all Health and Safety requirements to complete all tasks in a safe manner for yourself, your team and everyone on site

    Test and review that the installation is correct, with all cables identified and tested in accordance with the installation QA

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    Use your electronics design skills to save lives.

    You will develop high level requirements into engineering solutions to enhance the performance of advanced cancer treatment machinery.

    Your concepts will be taken through design, prototype build, test and on to full production so you should be familiar with the full cradle to grave design process

    Your knowledge in CAD tools for analogue & digital design and simulation will be used and enhanced to the full, alongside your EMC and VHDL experience.

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    A major aerospace engineering organisation with a substantial order book is seeking an Electronics & Electrical Design Engineer to join their engineering team.

    You will be responsible for electronic PCB architecture, design, development, modification, evaluation and integration of electrical and electronic parts and components high performance hardware systems.

    Your background

    + Strong electronics and electrical analysis skills to assess design solutions

    + Broad PCB design, prototype build and test skills

    + Advanced skills on Altium and SolidWorks

    + Expertise in

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    Bored? Testing the same product day in, day out can be really tedious. This job offers more variety than a box of Quality Street.

    The Environmental Testing department of a fantastically well equipped and successful technical consultancy is expanding and they want you to join them.

    You will be;

    + Undertaking detailed, precise and technically complex environmental testing of a huge variety of products, sub-assemblies and components

    + Analyse test data and produce reports and summaries for evidence of product

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    Field service engineers often get a bad deal; 2am alarms calls, stuck in M25 traffic jams, no training and a rubbish boss who never listens and doesn’t put you on any training courses.

    This job is different. You will be using your wide range of installation skills of mechanical, wiring and hydraulic systems for some really unusual security equipment in and around Sussex, Surrey and London.

    Your boss is really decent; he listens to problems, is there to help you

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    Your expertise in export regulations is to ensure this manufacturer of sophisticated equipment is fully compliant with a wide range of international standards including ITAR, HMRC and US legislation

    You’ll be using your highly analytical skills to review current policies and procedures, identify risks and recommend corrective actions

    Naturally, you’ll be monitoring on-going changes to relevant legislation and ensure immediate changes are made to processes and procedures

    Your knowledge needs to include import and export tariffs, HMRC audit standards and

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    Your background in ILS or LSA will make a critical contribution to the design and through-life support of a range of life-saving equipment deployed worldwide.

    You will be modelling data on Raytheon EAGLE LSAR and working with design engineers to ensure the equipment is reliable, maintainable and serviceable from cradle to grave

    Your background experience needs to be in the defence aerospace or defence equipment working in Integrated Logistics Support, Logistics Support Analysis, Logistics Product Data or Supportability

    A knowledge

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Our influencer – Mary Jackson

African American mathematician and aerospace engineer at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), which in 1958 was succeeded by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Mary worked at Langley Research Centre in Hampton, Virginia, for most of her career. She started working with computers at the segregated West Area Computing Division. She took advanced engineering classes and, in 1958, became NASA’s first black female engineer!

After 34 years at NASA, Jackson had earned the most senior engineering title available. She realised she could not earn further promotions without becoming a supervisor. She accepted a demotion to become a manager of both the Federal Women’s Program, in the NASA Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, and of the Affirmative Action Program. In this role, she worked to influence both the hiring and promotion of women in NASA’s science, engineering, and mathematics careers.

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Shpend Ibrahimi RF & Antenna Design Engineer at Cobham Antenna Systems

John's knowledge of telecommunications business and ease of communications with his clients were crucial to understand the requirements in order to find the best possible job. His persistence paid off and I've been with the employer ever since.

George Wallace Engineer at Rapiscan

John has been managing my contract with Rapiscan for the past 11 months and he has been brilliant. He has managed my contract so well with everything provided on time.